Delectables Rajasthani Dishes to Drool for in your Trip to Jaipur

Rajasthan and Royalty go hand in hand. As much as the Land of Maharaja is known widely for its culture and tradition, one of the most important things that make it distinctive from the rest of the places is its fabulous cuisine. Without tasting their scrumptious food your trip to Jaipur will definitely seem to be incomplete.

Some of the widely famous delicacies are as follows:

Dal Bati Churma

The most famous dish of Rajasthan, the dish of Dal Bati churma consists of Batis that are dipped in ghee, Panchkuti dal and it comes with churma which acts as an appetizer in the whole combination. The food is as tasty as it sounds and should be tasted at least once.

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Laal Maas

A perfect balance of red chillies, masalas and mutton, this is one favourite food of the people in Rajasthan. Extremely spicy, the dish is usually served with plain rice and also bajra rotis. Very filling, the whole dish should be tasted for a fiery experience.

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Mohan Maas

Known to be Maharaja Food, this is a wonderful dish for all the non-vegetarian lovers. Cooked with mild spices and milk, the taste of this dish is juicy and tender which is full of flavour. To add to its taste the gravy of the dish is made with lemon, cardamom and various other spices in a balanced manner.

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Ker Sangri

When on your visit to Jaipur, make sure you also taste Ker Sangri. A vegetable that grows in the desert, it is prepared in a tangy manner and served with Bajra rotis in the form of pickle. It is quite different from any other food you would taste here.

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Gatte ki Khichdi

Considered to be one of the best rice dishes Gatte ki Khichdi is an extremely delicious dish. Made with all kind of flavours and soft dumpling of besan, this dish can be consumed as evening snacks and also prepared using rice.

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Rajasthani Kadi

A dish famous in most of the Indian states such as Punjab, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra, Rajasthani Kadi is bit tangier and spicy which makes it quite different in taste and flavour as well. Their version of kadi is spicy and pungent and goes beautifully with rice which is a very healthy dishes.

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While availing cheap packages to Jaipur, along with visiting its historic monuments, also taste the food of the city for a fantastic experience.