Famous Food to be tasted in Agra

Agra being the former Mughal Capital in the 16th century, a large influence can be seen in the city’s monuments, forts and their cuisine. The indelible imprints left back are not only available in variety but also come with lots of flavours and spices. From flavoured curries and creamy gravies to roasted meats and dried fruits the food is rightfully said to be the king’s food.  As mouth-watering as it looks like, these cuisines are something that you have to taste to get the real feel of the city of Agra.

Mughlai Food

When you are visiting the royal city of Agra, you can have taste dishes like Kababs, Koftas, Biryanis, Mughlai chicken, Nihari and various more. Made with all kind of spicy that are rightly balanced, the food tastes amazing. The cuisine also has dishes for the vegetarians as well such as Paneer Tamatari, Chole, Raita and deserts. Having these foods can be a great experience for your taste buds and will definitely make you feel different. The exotic spices are used in various techniques therefore adding even more flavour and taste to the food. Get the best experience of Mughlai food on your one day Agra trip.

Mughlai chicken, Nihari - Same Day Agra Tours


Known to be heaven for chaat, Agra can offer you a varied range at every lane of the city. The strong fragnance of lemon and all the tangy chutnies, you get to taste all of it in the chaats available in the streets of Agra. Some of the roadside snacks that you get to eat here are pani puri, and tikkis. Spicy and delicious you can enjoy plethora of these delectable from Kinari Bazar.

chaat- same day agra tours


One of the most famous foods that you can have when you are in the city is Petha. A century old sweet, it is made of pumpkin cooked in sugar syrup and various other flavours are added to it. Some of the flavours that you can try out are coconut, pineapple, mango and even chocolate. Chewy and great in taste while you are taking your Agra package see that you get to taste this food item.

petha - same day agra tours

Upon your travel to agra, you will not just get swooned by the architecture and culture of the place. You also get to enjoy their food habit and lifestyle which is also a great thing to witness. So, give a teat to your taste buds on tour visit to Agra.